Our pets are our family and what better way to capture precious memories than with our personalised studio artwork that highlights their unique personalities without distraction! You don’t want people who visit your house to comment on how nice the sunset was or be looking at the neighbourhood or beach behind them. You want them to go WOW look at “Lucky”, what an amazing picture. With our studio equipment, allowing artwork to be produced against clean backgrounds, we guarantee that we will create the perfect portrait that will achieve just this!



With natural light, photographers usually back light there subjects. This often leads to using a direct on camera flash creating harsh light or not using a flash at all leaving the face looking flat and dull. This is where our studio backgrounds with specialised strobes (flashes) come into play. By removing the natural light and using carefully positioned strobes we can light your pet from the front and rear picking up all the detail by exposing everything exactly how we want it!



Next when your pets image goes into our editing software, the result from our strategically placed strobes gives us a HUGE advantage when playing with highlights and shadows. This is how we CREATE artwork worthy of a position on your wall. This is something special.



Please have a look through our 5/5 reviews of our clients who chose us because we offer HIGH quality results at fair prices. We will do what is needed and expected to meet and exceed your expectations. This is how all clients who join the Get Wild Family will be treated no matter your budget.




We would like to thank you for taking the time to view our website and we look forward to hearing from you with any enquiries you may have!

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Get Wild Studios

About us
Professional pet photography at Get Wild Studios is our game! Based in Brisbane, we have a genuine love for all pets, and as fellow animal lovers, we know just how much joy and love that our small and large friends bring to our lives. Whether your extended family consists of dogs, cats, turtles, birds or snakes, we have experience creating beautiful artwork that is guaranteed to capture your special companions many different personalities.

As word gets around Brisbane we are receiving more and more enquiries daily so get in contact with us now to book your session today! You had better make some space on your walls as you will soon have some incredible artwork of your gorgeous pets to display! Just check out our portfolio page and you will see what we mean, elegant and stylish photos of your favourite pet to cherish forever. If you are looking for pet photography Brisbane and in the rest of South Australia, then try us first and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

You can contact us today by phone or email to book one of our fantastic pet photography packages. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram too. Come and join us on social media to stay updated on what we are doing!

Our equipment

In the studio we use high quality gear. Why? Because like our clients, we expect nothing but the best and when you mix experience and high quality equipment, you get high quality results! With years of experience in producing pet portraits we know how to achieve the best possible results with our equipment to ensure you receive a photo that does your beautiful pet justice.

Something you won’t see during the session is the special studio monitors specifically made for photo editing, allowing us to carefully review all the details on every photograph taken. Every week these monitors are calibrated using special colour calibration tools. This specialised equipment allows us to precisely add the finishing touches to your photos, bringing your images to life and creating the final artwork that we know you are going to love!

We work closely with a quality printing business based in Brisbane to ensure that there are absolutely no discrepancies between what we see on our monitors and what you will receive. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Your pet photos are our business and that is why we use the very best printer in Brisbane for our prints.

On the day

Every photo shoot goes a little bit differently than the one before and that is what we love!.

The session starts by taking time to allow your pet to familiarise themselves with their new environment and get comfortable. We understand that the time required for your pet to relax and work with us can vary, and we work patiently to achieve this with no pressure on time frame. For dog photography and dog portraits in the studio we find every dog is different and may need more time to relax before we can capture amazing shots of your pet. Same goes for all of our fellow cat lovers. Your pet photos are important to us and that is why we take our time to make sure everything is setup correctly and your pet is comfortable!

Lights, camera, action! This is where the fun really begins! We have a number of special games and methods that we use to get the perfect shots of your special family members. The process is a lot of fun, involves everyone on the day, and our clients get as much of a kick out of it as their pets soak up all the attention! We like to have fun while taking your precious cat photos, dog photos and/or any other pet photos. We believe the best photos are caught in the moment of fun and excitement.

After the photo session!

Following the photo session, we will send you previews of the images for your review. Typically, this process is completed within a couple of days of the session. Now why don’t we just pick the best ones you ask? Because everyone has their OWN personal favourites! Once you have decided on your favourite images (a difficult task we know!) we dedicate many hours to completing the final editing process to create the artwork we know you will treasure for years to come.

Whilst we are editing your photos, you will need to decide where you will be placing your new pet photos and make sure it is in a position everyone will see in your home! After that all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your fantastic pet photos to arrive.


Get Wild Studios offers a number of affordable packages to suit any budget! We are extremely proud of our business model, which provides extremely competitive upfront costing to our clients without the unnecessary stress of being on the receiving end of an attempted upsell. Details regarding our three current pet packages on offer are detailed below.

If you have multiple pets, we understand that you may want to include them all in a single package and we are happy to discuss a custom package to suit your budget. Additionally, we can also offer LARGE canvas prints, as well as framed images to really showcase your pets, priced upon request. Furthermore, additional prints can be purchased at affordable rates with any of the packages on offer.

Zoo Package

First in our packages is the Zoo Package! It is a full 60-minute photo session with your pet! We like to say hello and meet your extended family before we even get started. In this package we use white or black backgrounds depending on your beautiful boy or girls colour and prices include five 6″ x 4″ [inch] pictures professionally edited to the highest standards delivered to your door. Prints of larger sizes are priced from just a few dollars. Canvas prints are available too!

Safari Package

The next in our line-up is the Safari! Things are starting to heat up and more beautiful moments will be captured with a full 90-minute photo session with your choice of studio or outdoor action shots! This package includes 10 pictures professionally edited and the full set of 6″ x 4″ [inch] prints delivered to your door. Prints of larger sizes are priced from just a few dollars. Canvas prints available.

Get Wild Package

The last package and our favourite is, you guessed it, the GET WILD PACKAGE! This photo shoot goes a whopping 120 minutes and includes a studio session and an outdoor action session! We will have so many beautiful images that we include 15 pictures professionally edited! Again with a full set of 6″ x 4″ [inch] prints delivered to your door. Prints of larger sizes are priced from just a few dollars. As with all of our packages we have the prints shipped to you and with the option of some very large affordable sizes to pick from if you wish!


Animal photography is our passion and is what drives us to get results. On top of that we deliver the highest quality photographs right to your door. If you are looking for a pet photographer that will capture your pet’s very special personality than look no further than Get Wild Studios!

We have years of experience of dealing with family pets and making it a special time for them and for you. Let us take the shots that will highlight your special dog, cat or bird’s personality. It will be a fun and friendly photoshoot that will leave you with photos of your gorgeous pet for you to cherish forever! With three quality packages to choose from, there is a package that will suit your budget and you will be love the results whichever one you pick.

We believe that our service in the Brisbane and surrounding areas are one of quality. We have consistently delivered quality pet photos to satisfied clients. As they say the proof is in the pudding!

Whether your pet is large or small, young or old, we can give him or her the perfect opportunity to shine in front of the camera and that is something we are proud of and you can be too. So take a look at our photos on this site or our Facebook page or our very popular Instagram! We hope to see you and your pet very soon!